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With lilladisplay Bog, you could keep posted with the recent products and projects that lilladisplay does. Also here you could find the newest store fixtures and fittings popular design for your market.

Lilladisplay 2020 Chinesische Neujahr Urlaub Ankündigung 2020-01-02 02:39:23

Liebe Freunde und Kunden, Frohes neues Jahr! wie ihr alle wisst, für chinesisches neues Jahr, wir hätten Urlaub. zum 2020, lilladisplay Büro würde von Jan geschlossen 21 Jan 31. alle OEM-Aufträge der Hänger, Mannequins, …

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Luxus und Economy, die man wäre Ihre Wahl, Acrylic Resin Fußform und Fuß von durch Lilladisplay? 2019-06-10 09:26:52

Lilladisplay liefert zwei Arten von Fußformen, die für die Schuhe des Einzelhandels Gebrauch sind. Man wird mit Import festen Acryl und eine andere Art ist aus Resin. Die beiden Arten haben die gleichen Arten mit dem gleichen Design, …

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The year of the boar holiday notice by Lilladisplay 2019-01-10 03:52:03

The eve of 2019 Chinese New Year is Feb 5, Lilladisplay would have the duty off Feb 2 to Feb 11. For all the orders and production issues, welcome to talk with even we are in holiday. Our mailbox would

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Looking for unique or special hooks? Talk with Lilladisplay. 2018-01-15 00:27:58

Lilladisplay uses automatic machine to make the hooks which does save the tooling cost for clients, even with small quantity requirement, you could also have the price guaranteed service. Only with the drawings and detail sizes of the hooks, Lilladisplay …

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Use Lilladisplay bespoke realistic female mannequins Rosanna collection for your store display as we do 2018-01-05 00:42:32

Rosanna is Lilladisplay’s bespoke realistic female mannequins collections. Standing model rosanna has height 183cm with beautiful mannequin face which could be the most popular female mannequin in market. You could choose do to fine makeup on her face with different

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Merry X’mas and Best wishes for 2018 from lilladisplay 2017-12-25 03:50:16


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